i. Base Polyols (Maskimiol Series)
Maskimi is a PU system house that provides full range of PU related products especially for rigid and flexible foam. These products are base and blended polyols, isocyanates, additives and cleaners.

Natural Oil Polyol
The products are categorized based on its hydroxyl value ranging from 28 – 330 mgKOH/gm. High hydroxyl value NOPs are utilized to develop rigid PUR systems to make foams of wide range of densities. Low hydroxyl value of NOPs are utilised to make semi rigid, flexible slab stock and flexible molded foam.


Polyether Polyol
Maskimi trades some world renown polyether polyols for rigid and flexible foam. Rigid foam polyols are synthesized from high functionalities initiator such as sucrose, sorbitol, glycerine and amine. Flexible foam polyols are typically made from high molecular weight triols for slab stock and molded foam.

Polymer Polyol
One of the most important components used for some heavy duty applications such as low density moulded automotive seating, high resilience foams, hot or cold mold foams, RIM and integral skin.
ii. Blended Polyols
(Maskimifoam and Maskimiflex Series)

Rigid Blended Polyol – Maskimi rigid blended polyols show excellent insulating properties and can be used in wide range of applications such as construction, refrigeration, heat insulation, furniture parts, pre-insulated roofing and etc.
Fast curing closed cell spray foam system for the external insulation on a range of irregular surfaces.
Density : 30 – 45 kg/m3
CS : 150 – 220 kPa
  Maskimiform 2
Fast curing closed cell high performance PUR foam system for the production of pre-insulated roofing and panels.
Density : 35 – 45 kg/m3
CS : 130 – 200 kPa
Maskimiform 5
Wood and plaster imitations, furniture parts and impact absorber. Water blown system is available with zero ODP. Density : 100 – 500 kg/m3
CS : 150 – 2000 kPa
It is suitable for the production of cold-room panel, freezer, ice box, pre-insulated pipe-in-pipe, partition wall and pour-in-situ application.
Density : 28 – 80 kg/m3
CS :150 – 400 kPa
Maskimiform 8
Fully and semi opened PUR foam system for the production of low cost pre-insulated roofing. Water blown system is available. Density :18 – 30 kg/m3
CS :100 – 200 kPa
  Maskimiform 9
Fine cell block foam. The foam is stable cell dimensional and easy to be cut into different shapes. PIR system also available. Density : 30 – 55 kg/m3
CS : 150 – 300 kPa
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